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Gallery of Fine Art in Ostrava, Come and meet with beauty and have a rest from the bustle of the industrial city. You will see works by old masters such as Dürer, Cranach, Aachen and Hollar. The Viennese Art Nouveau is also represented here (Klimt) as well as important Russian artists (Repin, Šiškin). The gallery also boasts works of Czech modern art.

Lower Vítkovice is a national site of industrial heritage located in the Vítkovice district of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. It includes an extensive industrial area Vítkovice ironworks with a unique collection of industrial architecture.

The Michal Mine known by its Czech name D?l Michal in Ostrava-Michálkovice, in the Czech Republic is a museum of mining located in the pit bank of a former coal mine. The museum is an Anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

Mill Museum Situated in a former steam-powered mill, this fascinating museum presents the story of milling and delves back into a time when millers ranked among the pillars of every community.

Landek Park Museum is the largest business museum in the Czech Republic. It is located in Pet?kovice near Ostrava under the hill Landek. The surrounding area is 10 hectares, making it the largest museum area in the whole country.

Ostravia City museum is situated in Ostrava’s beautiful old city hall on the central square – a building dating from the 16th century. Every hour the 22 bells in the clock tower play a distinctive tune that rings out over the city streets. The museum has a range of fascinating exhibitions on Ostrava’s history, people and landscapes.


Cathedral of the Divine Saviour, located in the center of Ostrava, is the second largest Roman Catholic cathedral in Moravia and Silesia.